I’ve spread myself around some…

I’ve changed my preferred hotmail address to rhonda.live@hotmail.comyou’ll find out more (or less perhaps?) from my 2nd version of ‘The Vacuum Between My Ears’! Invite me to be your friend EmbarrassedOpen-mouthed
I’m just playing around with a page on ‘My Space’, there isn’t much there yet, leave me a comment or 2! http://www.myspace.com/rhonda_lives_here
Well scrap that…  My Space has now been transferred to WordPress.com, which of course you’ll already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this drivel! So remember the address and keep in touch – post a comment or two. Geez you can even subscribe to my scribblings (and favourite poems) if you so desire.
Enjoy 😀
Mawh xxxx
May the gods of happiness shower you with kisses Red lips