Well you can fuck Valentine’s day

   The Tempest,  John Waterhouse 

Another year, another fucking lonely (wrote loney then corrected it – should have left it) Valentine’s day. It’s not as if you REALLY expect anything, but when you set up a whole ‘sneaky… funny…’ ‘situation’ and still NO FUCKING THING HAPPENS, I think its time to take a bottle or two of nice strong sleeping pills. Nothing’s happening while I’m awake at least when I asleep I can dream about having a FULL life…

   Sleeping Beauty,  Henry Rheam 

Not that I’m saying you have to have a man in your life to make you ‘whole’  Sick  I’m no ‘old fashioned girl’ I’m a feminist, hell one of the original ones, but a girl has her needs, and I’m not going to a bar and put on a pair of beer goggles just to get sex. When you’re over 50 and overweight and oversexed Angry Wilted rose what a combo! When you’re no longer able to work and you’re fucking scared of your own shadow and the black dog days become more and more commonplace, those pills sure do seem an attractive alternative.

Except I’m too scared to try it and not brave enough to try something that would really work. Ah, but that’s just because I feel like shit, again. Time to take the appropriate dosage and try to sleep yet again.

I’m all talk and no action, anyway. Baring teeth