The Year 2011

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My this has been an interesting year… not

I haven’t done a single post – the depression has been a bit full on AND I’m moving AGAIN! This time moving cities.
Hopefully 2012 will be a more hopeful year for me.
Don’t forget you can always catch me on facebook or twitter… yes you’re correct, I don’t have  real life at the moment only a virtual one.

The Year 2011

The Year 2011.

And You Thought You Had A Bad Day…

And you thought you had a bad day…

Santa Naughty or Nice list

Naughty or Nice

  1. Didn’t sleep a wink – Mother has been visiting… & Real Estate agent ph’d nite before with really lousy offer on house…
  2. 7am just closing eye’s – ‘Are you awake’…
  3. Everything is damp, especially the floor which is very sticky as Peppermint has been using it as a urinal…  grrrr
  4. 9.30 ‘I want to go home’ … ‘Oh no hurry whenever your ready – handbag in hand.
  5. No time for shower – find my nose stud has decided to become infected… Arghhh
  6. Have permanent stress zit between my eyebrows…  pffft
  7. Starting to get another headache.
  8. Auto garage door falls of its track so I can’t open it… Add that to the broken tank pump, faulty cooktop and oven I now have to get fixed pronto…  Yikes!
  9. Car in garage.  grrrr
  10. Almost kill myself manually lifting door to get car out to… you guessed it – take mum home.
  11. Agent chooses this moment to arrive – I’m covered in dirt, grease & sweat…
  12. Decide to take lousy offer… pffft
  13. Now have just over 2 weeks to pack & move out – I’ve been sick for the past month… Gee this is going to be ‘fun’.
  14. Go for coffee on the way to mum’s – cake is stale…
  15. Head down to underground parking with trolley full of groceries – car is parked out front…
  16. Go to ‘Loot’ and spend too much money on ‘stuff’  – only 1 purple ‘thing’
  17. Finally remember to check mail box – find 3 very soggy xmas cards – now people think I’m a slack bitch…
  18. Walk into garage to check on door – dogs have used it as a toilet… Ok ok the yard IS very soggy and they’re very small dogs…
  19. After the ‘poo’ ordeal I walk into the lounge and in the half dark see something that looks like more of the former – but no as I get closer I notice VERY large body with lots of hairy legs all curled up in a ball (a big ball). So is it dead or just ‘playing’ dead… hmmm, what to do? Get dogs spring grip pooper scooper with razer sharp teeth (recently cleaned).
  20. Can’t find any insect repellent, so grab spray & wipe – antibacterial – and cautiously approach hopefully dead thing. Grab ‘thing’ with the teeth, race to garden bed through mud and chuck the thing as far as I can, run inside slamming the door behind me… Oh brother!
  21. Decide to at least use ‘instant’ carpet cleaner – can’t make it any worse… Find orange can in cleaning cupboard, spray half the rug before I realise it’s not foaming?? shake can and check label – spray craft glue so now I have a dirty, pee stained which is now completely sticky… Thank god I remembered I had 2 small cherry ripe bars under my pillow. Phew…
  22. Now 9pm and have no idea what to eat – have to feed the dogs, Peppermint is starting to whine.
  23. Go to turn the oven on to ‘reheat’ the leftovers – oven isn’t working again. Traipse through the garage once again to flick the power switch on again.
  24. If I read my stars and they say I should stay in bed today – I’m looking for the razor blades… *sob* .

So my shrink says I should keep a diary – I think this is a good start. Feeling quite good about myself (for the moment…)

My Autism Spectrum Quotient

Well it seems I’m exactly average. Interesting.

The Autism Spectrum Quotient, or AQ, is a questionnaire consisting of fifty questions, it aims to investigate whether adults of normal intelligence have symptoms of autism or one of the other autism spectrum conditions.


The average score for the original control group of the test was 16.4. 80% of adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders scored 32 or more, compared with only 2% of the control group.

The test is not a diagnostic tool and higher scores do not necessarily indicate either Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism.

The test is more often used to assess milder variants of autistic-like traits in typically developing individuals to investigate the continuum hypothesis of autism spectrum condition.

You can read more about the test on Wikipedia.

I’ve calculated my Autism Spectrum Quotient as 15, which is average. Most women score about 15 and most men about 17.

Most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 35.

However, many who score above 32 and even meet the diagnostic criteria for mild autism or Asperger’s have no difficulty functioning in their everyday lives.